Fluorescent Mineral Screen Saver or Wallpaper

In Windows 10, when viewing an image with explorer you can right mouse click on it and then select set as background to make an image your desktop background or wallpaper.

In Windows 10, the My Pictures Slideshow screensaver option in Display Properties can be used to display the photos in a directory. See this video for a demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w4a10eJH9s

To use these images for a screen saver or automatic wallpaper changer in windows, there are also a number of shareware or freeware programs available.

Set your desktop background color to black - right mouse click on an open area in your desktop, select properties and then desktop. Copy the images you want for your screen saver or wallpaper to a directory on your disk drive from the uvminerals/images directory. Then configure the screen saver or automatic wallpaper changer to use the new images.

Photographic Images © 2003 James O. Hamblen