Sources for additional information on Fluorescent Minerals:

Fluorescent Mineral Museum, Photo, and Website Links

Books on Fluorescent Minerals:

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Collecting Fluorescent Minerals, by Stuart Schneider
Ultraviolet Light and Fluorescent Minerals, by Warren, Gleason, Bostwick and Verbeek
FLUORESCENCE, Gems and Minerals Under Ultraviolet Light, by Manuel Robbins
Collector's Book of Fluorescent Minerals, by Manuel Robbins

Starting your own collection


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Polman Minerals LW starter kit UVTools SW starter kit


If you want to start your own collection, LW UV lights are less expensive. The following dealers have UV lights and a low-cost LW mineral assortment in addition to  a wide variety of fluorescent mineral specimens:
 Polman Minerals
New LED UV Lights
For even more options, check out the following links:
A list of UV light and fluorescent mineral dealers
How to set up a fluorescent mineral display
Basics of UV lights and filters for fluorescent minerals
Self-collection of fluorescent minerals
EBAY fluorescent mineral and UV light auctions
Miner has Greenland minerals & tours has Arizona minerals & UV lights has UV lights,  filters,  and parts

Information on the Fluorescent Mineral Society
On-line Mineral Data Base
On-line Fluorescent Mineral Data Base listing known activators
Gem and Mineral Shows (may have a few fluorescent minerals)



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